Athlete Profile – Lewis Clareburt

We sat down with Lewis Clareburt a swimmer for Capital Swim Club who has become Wellington Sports Med’s newest sponsored athlete!

What has been your biggest sporting highlight in the last year?
My biggest highlight this year would be being able to represent New Zealand at the Commonwealth Youth Games in the Bahamas and bringing home 7 Medals. It was an awesome experience being able to compete alongside other New Zealand athletes, not just swimmers, and being in the international games format. This gave me a taste of what I will experience if I go to the Olympics! 
What are your aspirations for the year to come?
I am still waiting on selection for Commonwealth Games and if I qualify I want to make it to the finals in the 400 Individual Medley. I would also love to qualify for the Pan Pacific Championships and achieve a Fina-A-time. Along with this I want to achieve the NZ open record in the 400 Medley.
As a successful young athlete, you must be aware that you are a role model for other aspiring athletes. Who has been your biggest role model in your life and sporting career?
I’ve never had a role model per say  but there are people in my life who I have a huge amount of respect for to get where they are. One of them is Michael Phelps. To know how hard he worked, I highly respect him. 
What does it take to be at the top of your field? For you what is the biggest sacrifice and what is the biggest reward?
It’s takes a lot of focus being able to say no to outings and friends parties. Not missing any training sessions and working hard even if you don’t feel 100%. I currently train 19 hour weeks which include pool sessions and gym sessions. I think sacrificing certain things will all be worth it in the end. 
Lastly, a fun one; if you were an animal what animal would you be and why?
A turtle! They look like they have such a fun life living in warm waters and getting to take lots of photos with people. When I was in the Bahamas I had the opportunity to swim with them! 
Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Lewis and good luck to you in your athletic career!

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – August 21: Achievers portraits August 21, 2017 in Wellington, New Zealand. (Photo by Mark Tantrum/


WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – August 21: Achievers portraits August 21, 2017 in Wellington, New Zealand. (Photo by Mark Tantrum/


NASSAU, BAHAMAS – JULY 20: Lewis Clareburt of New Zealand cleebrates victory in the Boys 400m Individual Medley Final on day 3 of the 2017 Youth Commonwealth Games at Betty Kelly Kenning Aquatics Centre on July 20, 2017 in Nassau, Bahamas. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)


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