Wellington Sports Woman of the Year Nominee “Georgia Groen”

Congratulations Georgia Groen on your Nomination for Wellington Sports Woman of the Year 2017!

Georgia is New Zealand’s very own Barefoot Water Skiing World Champion.  We caught up with Georgia to discuss challenges, her aspirations and sporting highlights.

What has been your biggest sporting highlight in the last year?

In 2016 I became the first New Zealander to ever win an Open world championships in Barefoot Water skiing.

As a successful female athlete, you must be aware that you are a role model for young aspiring athletes. Who has been your biggest role model in your life and sporting career?

My mum and dad have always been my biggest role models, motivators, and supporters. Both have represented New Zealand and are highly respected in Barefoot Waterskiing. With their guidance I have been able to achieve more than I thought was possible at 20 years old.

What are your aspirations for the year to come?

For the year to come I am finishing off my degree at the University of Canterbury and training towards the 2018 World Championships in Canada where I aim to defend my title and break some world records while I am at it. 

What does it take to be at the top of your field? For you what is the biggest sacrifice and what is the biggest reward?

To be a top barefoot water skier is the same as every other sport. It takes a lot of hard work, passion and determination to succeed. 

The biggest sacrifice of being a top sportsperson at a young age is the toll it takes on my social life. It can be difficult at times especially being at university, but the end rewards and opportunities that come with it are worth it.

One of the biggest rewards I get is the feeling i get when i finish ski pass in a big competition knowing that everything has fallen into place and i have nailed it. At that point nothing else matters, all the hard work and sacrifices I had put in to get to that point were well and truly worth it. 

Lastly, a fun one; if you were an animal what animal would you be and why?

I would be a Monkey, I don’t like to take things too seriously but just have fun sharing and doing what I love.  


Best of luck for awards night and your future endeavors Georgia from the team at Wellington Sports Med.



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