Wellington Sports Woman of the Year Nominee “Kayla Imrie”

Congratulations Kayla Imrie on your Nomination for Wellington Sports Woman of the Year 2016!

Kayla is off to Rio to compete in the Olympic Games this year as part of the New Zealand Women’s K4 crew.  She is also a top New Zealand Surf Life Saver.

It’s great to see your inspiring achievements so far and your “Go get’m” attitude.  We are excited to watch you at “the games” and are behind you all the way!

Here are some highlights from our catch up with Kayla.

How have you got to the level you are now? / what are your keys to success and where do you draw your inspiration from?

I have got to this level mainly through perseverance and believing each day that I can improve. Trying to make it to the elite level, let alone the Olympics hasn’t been easy. I’ve missed out on teams throughout the years being set back in my career a lot but always just held on and finally it’s paid off. In saying this I wouldn’t have been successful without the support of my family and friends.

What obstacles have you overcome to get to where you are?

I missed out on what I thought was my only chance to make an Olympic crew in 2014 (In the sense that a crew takes years to develop and we were 2 years out from the games). I had opportunities after this to switch codes by New Zealand athletics coaches to become a javelin thrower and after a difficult year this was hard to turn down. Holding on the the Olympic kayak dream was hard but I managed to persevere.

What is your advice to young female athletes?

Set small goals for yourself to conquer on your journey to the big one. And along the way, watch your own improvements and be proud of them instead of getting caught up comparing yourself to others.

What is your ultimate sporting goal?

My ultimate sporting goal would be a gold medal at the Olympics.

Do you have any quirky rituals before competing?

I don’t have any personal rituals before racing but last year before our first ever race together, elastic heart from Sia played on the radio and afterwards we nailed the race. The same song just happened to come on the radio again just before our final which which won so it became a team ritual to listen to it before every race we do

Fave thing to eat post race?

Favorite thing to eat after a competition would be a good beef burger and fries!


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