Sports Woman of the Year nominee “Sophie Devine”

Wellington Sports Med are delighted to be sponsoring “Sports Woman of the Year 2016”

We had a chat to some of the category nominees of about their amazing achievements and their journeys to get where they are today.
Here are some highlights from our catch up with cricket and hockey superstar Sophie Devine.

How have you got to the level you are now? / what are your keys to success and where do you draw your inspiration from?

Sounds pretty cliche but there has been a massive amount of hours put into training and playing behind the scenes to get to the level I am at now…that doesn’t mean I am finished yet and the great thing about cricket and most sports is that there is always something out there for you to improve on regardless of what level you are at. Keys to success for me is mostly focussed on planning and preparation – if I know I have done everything I could do before heading into a series or tournament then I can have complete trust that I have done the work. I find inspiration everywhere! Whether it’s from my parents who have given so much time and energy into me or my teammates who push themselves the extra mile. Even seeing people at the gym pushing themselves to be better then when they walked in is awesome!
What obstacles have you overcome to get to where you are?

Probably the biggest one for me has been my diabetes. Being diagnosed Type 1 when I was 15 and not having a clue what diabetes was definitely shook me up and at the very start I thought that I’d never be able to play sport again! I learnt pretty quickly that with good management and control that having diabetes shouldn’t stop me from doing anything and it’s been a real driver for me to show other diabetics that keeping active is a huge benefit to controlling sugar levels.

What is your advice to young female athletes?

Plan and prepare! A great quote Benjamin Franklin is “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”. Another big one is to enjoy what you are doing…at the end of the day the reason I play sport is because I love the game and enjoy being with my friends!
What is your ultimate sporting goal?

Help take the White Ferns to number one in all formats
Do you have any quirky rituals before competing?

Before going out to bat I always put on my left pad and left glove first!
Fave thing to eat post competition?

Can’t go past the classic chocolate milk and raspberry bun!!


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